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We address land degradation and climate change by supporting community agroforestry initiatives and promoting sustainable supply chains.

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Cafe Selva Norte field team in action visiting a coffee farm

Urapi envisions a future where sustainable land use practices and community agroforestry projects thrive, contributing to the mitigation of climate change and the improvement of the environment.


Landscape picture of Peruvian Mountains
Picture from the inside of the FINCA ESCUELA nursery.
FINCA ESCUELA nursery. These coffee seedlings are now 45 days old. It won't be long before they will be ready to be distributed to our cooperative members.

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Urapi's unique investment strategy enhances transparency and traceability in coffee and cocoa production, contributing to the fight against climate change and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

ESG Impacts Targets

participants involved

3 976

hectares reforested


hectares included in REDD+ projects

58 586

Jobs created


URAPI's Progress Until 2022

About Urapi

The distinctive bottom-up investment approach of the Urapi fund enhances the capabilities of small-scale coffee, honey and cocoa producer groups, intermediaries, and consumers. It achieves this by bolstering transparency, traceability, and the availability of certified products.

Juan Leodan Puelles Alarcón a proud member of the Origin Coffee Lab

Provide long-term financing (debt and equity) to projects that meet strict environmental and social standards and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Investors and clients have access to a proprietary integrated impact tracking and reporting solution.

Invest directly in community-based sustainable agroforestry projects in Latin America, offering private equity-like returns and significant positive social and environmental impacts.

Addresse climate change through two of the difficult and underestimated problems: deforestation and land degradation.

Our Focus

  • Investments for the transition from unsustainable land use to sustainable forestry or agroforestry activities

  • Technical Assistance (quality improvement and yield increase)

  • Processing and warehousing infrastructure

  • Agricultural inputs production and commercialization

  • Development of commodity sales with added-value

  • Quality control of commodities

Sustainable land use change & Value-chain


  • Integration of climate finance to monetize projects' positive environmental impacts

Climate finance




Revolving around Urapi are Ecotierra and ElevaFinca, both entities playing pivotal roles in achieving shared objectives.

Ecotierra is a unique, holistic, sustainable agroforestry project developer and operator.

ElevaFinca represents commodities produced from an alliance of cooperatives participating in agroforestry projects launched and financed by Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund a private equity fund.

Composition of the Urapi sustainable land use fund logo, the Ecotierra logo and the ElevaFinca Logo

Origin Projects

Peruvian landscape with mountains

Peru - Café Selva Norte

Café Selva Norte, Urapi's inaugural venture, collaborates with 10 northern Peruvian cooperatives to combat land degradation. We provide financial backing for farm renovation and agroforestry, operate a cutting-edge mill co-owned by cooperatives, and generate carbon credits through VCS-certified projects, enhancing value for both cooperatives and members.

Colombian landscape

Colombia - RioSierra

RioSierra, situated in Colombia's Sierra Nevada National Park buffer zone, promotes sustainable practices in coffee, cocoa, and honey production. With diverse partners, it prioritizes environmental stewardship, community empowerment, and economic resilience. Through innovative approaches, RioSierra advances rural development in Colombia, ensuring a prosperous future for all stakeholders.

Honduras landscape

Honduras - Aromas Café & Miel

The Honduras Aroma Café & Miel Project, a strategic alliance between Urapi and 12 cooperatives in Honduras, is dedicated to advancing sustainable development in coffee and honey value chains. Focused on financing agroforestry initiatives, enhancing processing capabilities, and facilitating direct market access, the project strives for holistic and impactful growth.

Peru - Kuska

The Kuska Project is organized around an alliance between Urapi and the COCLA Cooperative Central in Quillabamba Province, Cusco, Peru. COCLA groups more than 1000 coffee, cocoa, and honey producers with excellent growth potential. In 2012 COCLA counted more than 6000 producers among its members. Since 2012, COCLA has been experiencing a financial crisis that has weakened its operations without affecting its potential strength as a social organization.  

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Senior Investment Advisor at Fondaction

Philippe Crête

It is companies like Ecotierra and Urapi that embody the change we want to achieve and transform the economy in which we want to live.

Mirova logo

Director Land Degradation Neutrality Fund Project Mirova

Gautier Quéru

The Café Selva Norte project of Urapi Sustainable Land Use is the perfect example of a profitable project allowing private investment to achieve the goals of the three UN conventions on desertification, climate change and biodiversity.

Filaction logo

General Manager at Filaction.

Milder Villegas

We are more than proud to be partners with Ecotierra and Urapi from the beginning. We need more companies like these.


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We believes in the power of business partnerships in solving social and environmental problems. If you have any inquiries, complaints or questions, feel free to get in touch with us via the following form.


Help mitigate land degradation and climate change by investing in community agroforestry projects and sustainable supply chains.

Sustainable Land Use

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