Mitigate land degradation and climate change by empowering communities via the development of sustainable agroforestry projects

“The Café Selva Norte project of Urapi Sustainable
Land Use is the perfect example of a profitable project
allowing private investment to achieve the goals of the three UN conventions on desertification, climate change and biodiversity.”

- Gautier Queru
DirectorLand Degradation Neutrality Fund ProjectMirova

“Urapi Sustainable Land Use will enable thousands of farming families in Latin America to thrive while improving the quality of their environment by supporting better land use techniques. Since the beginning of our operations, sustainable development has been at the heart of Fondaction's raison d'être. We are proud to be part of this initiative, which contributes to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and the fight against climate change."

- Léopold Beaulieu
Chief executive officer


Micro-credit for land use change

Transition from unsustainable land use to sustainable permanent forestry or agroforestry activities

Value-chain reinforcement
  • Commodity sales development and added-value creation

  • Implementation of processing & warehousing capacities

  • Quality improvement and assurance programs

Climate finance

Integration of climate finance to monetize project’s positive environmental impacts



  • URAPI Sustainable Land Use develops, invests and implements in community-based sustainable agroforestry projects in Latin America delivering private equity market-type returns alongside significant positive impacts.

  • Private investors contribute to tackle climate change caused by the two most challenging and underestimated problems of our time: deforestation and land degradation.

  • URAPI's unique bottom-up investment strategy  empower communities of coffee and cocoa small farmers along the value chain from cooperatives up to conscious-driven consumers providing transparency, traceability and certified products.

  • URAPI provides long-term financing (debt/equity) to projects that meet strict environmental and social standards and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Investors will have access to a proprietary integrated impact monitoring and reporting solution.




Producers involved


Family revenues increase


Hectares reforested or conserved

7.3 M

Tons of CO2 (sequestration and emission reductions)


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ECOTIERRA, a Canada-based company, designs, develops and operates sustainable agriculture and forestry projects. The company’s team brings decades of hands-on experience both in the field with coffee and cocoa producer organizations in Latin America, North America and Africa, as well as with private companies, financial entities, international cooperation, local governments, and commodity buyers.

Given its expertise in the integration of different stakeholders and its knowledge of each step required for the development of successful agroforestry projects, ECOTIERRA is recognized as an industry leader by major international organizations for its ability to design coherent and performing business models using a unique bottom-up approach.


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