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Grievance &complaints

URAPI fund is committed to the highest ethical standards. This commitment includes careful revision of received complaints and suggestions.

All received complaints will be tracked and recorded. Acknowledgment of receipt as well as the judgment of admissibility will be sent within 30 days. The admissibility check makes no judgment on the merits of the complaint.

Inadmissible complaints include:

  • Those which do not relate to the Urapi fund’s operations or practices.

  • Those that are excessive, repetitive, clearly frivolous, or malicious in nature.

  • Those which have already been lodged with or settled by other administrative or judicial review mechanisms (if they feature the same allegations and concern the same respondent)

  • Those constituting criminal activity and violence – which will be referred to as the formal justice system.

  • Those seeking an unfair competitive economic advantage.

  • Those that are commercial disputes which can be stipulated in contractual agreements and issues should be resolved through a variety of commercial dispute resolution mechanisms or civil courts.

  • Those that are related to government policy and government institutions.


For our full grievance mechanism and complaint policy, please click here


Submit a grievance or complaint

Acknowledgement of receipt as well as judgment of admissibility will be sent within 30 days

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